Character Sheet: Circle of the Moon Druid

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Character Sheet: Dragonborn Barbarian AKA Myshon Elro

This character sheet design was born from a Dice Advent Calendar prize. On day one, I received this wonderful die and instantly saw the draconic writing style. Katie’s mind, however, went straight to The Hobbit

I would have compromised and said this die belonged to a Dragonborn Druid, but this is a 12 sided die (d12) and not a d8. My next thought was a Halfling with Draconic Bloodline Sorcery, but again they have d6s for hit die and not a d12.

That’s when I saw who this die belonged to. A Dragonborn Barbarian with the Hermit Background! She is an ancestral guardian of the forest that once belonged to Halflings. 


Myshon Elro is a stern woman and a highly valued member of the Dragonborn Elro clan. Generations ago, the Elros went into hiding after being rejected from their mainlands. They left war and political rebellion behind in the hope of finding a quiet life.

In their travels, the Elros found a quiet and soulful group of Halflings. It took a while for the Dragonborn’s to adapt to their new cohabiting life, but the Halflings of Featherfall were a generous and understanding people.

Soon the Dragonborns developed a strong protective community around the Halflings, offering to travel the harsher lands to find game and bat away roaming monsters. The Halflings, in turn, taught their new friends about using the world around them with harmonious intentions.

Because of this unexpected collaboration, a new generation of people emerged. Some Halflings started to develop magical wonders of Draconic Bloodline Sorcery, while some Dragonborns connected to the spirits of the lands.

Myshon Elro was one of the first to develop this connection. 

The spirits have told her that something strange is happening in the lands. Curious and ready to defend her people before the problem becomes dangerous, Myshon has started to travel to new locations and follow her spiritual friend’s guidance.

Images created using Hero Forge.

Character Sheet

Below is the playable character sheet for Myshon Elro! If you want the sheet in PDF form, you can get it here. If you would like it on D&D Beyond, click here.

Character Sheet: Dwarven Rune Knight AKA “Raggron Stormbreaker”

The character inspiration for this character sheet was created from a single die in an Advent Calendar.

When I first saw this die, my mind instantly went to Dr. Strange, but Katie saw Dwarven hands in the creation of the sketchings.

However, Dr. Strange is a Wizard or Sorcerer character, and I couldn’t find an official subclass specializing in runes. If you know of something I’ve missed, put it in the comment section below!

The beautiful rune markings show signs of either an old language or a knowledgeable arcana. These elegant carvings cannot be ignored, so I’ve put the thought of Dr. Strange away for a moment to create a Dwarven Rune Knight

I know Fighters only have a 10-sided hit die, but how can I pick anything else for this rune-covered magic rock!


Raggron Stormbreaker is from a clan of strong-willed wizards who practice the knowledge of runes. Raggron wasn’t smart enough to join in with the arcana classes but proved himself in wrestling matches.

Although Raggron is considered a good fighter, he has been consistently belittled for his lack of rune understanding. Frustrated, Raggron spent a decade secretly practicing arcana until one day, he was able to produce a single rune. 

Realizing his intelligence comes from active learning and not reading books, Raggron decided to leave his clan and travel the world, hoping to learn even more things on his trip.

Picture created using Hero Forge.

Character Sheet

You can bookmark this page to use the character sheet below, use the PDF here for the physical form, or you can use this online D&D Beyond sheet. All of which are playable Raggron Stormbreaker character sheets.

Amulet of Orc Pride

Orcs are a strong and resilient race. Even the weaklings of the pack have the constitution of a mountain range. But don’t misunderstand their rugged nature for hostility; if an orc sees potential in you, they may decide to take you in.

Every once in a while, an orc brings someone into their fold and teaches them how to take a punch. They might even share a special amulet that holds the spirit of dead warriors. 

The amulet empowers the person to push through physical pain. Spirits by your side, you hear the chanting of family and pride protecting you.

And sometimes, just sometimes, the connection is so strong that you feel the guidance of experienced hands correcting your fatal strikes.

This amulet has to be attuned for it to work. As you sit, cross legged reaching out to the warriors of orc past, spirits of the community come and sit with you. When the ritual is completed, your body absorbs the legends. With a sigh, you feel the strength and history of orc pride.

Print out the screenshot above or add the magic item to your DnD Beyond inventory, and tell us how your character has connected to the pride of orcs! 

Pink Enhancer Stones

Picture it. A local town filled with ex-criminals are living a peaceful life. Maybe your players know someone who was sent there. This person was the biggest crook they had known. They double crossed their double crosses, and would stab anyone in the back for a couple of silver pieces. 

Ready to visit this old friend, they find a town filled with prison bars, and everyone has slightly pink hues around their eyes.

The old friend is smiling, and happily working on the crops. This is unlike him…

Every 40 minutes, the people of the town go back home. The friend suggests you follow him.

He takes you to his house, but all you see is a single room, a bed and a large pink gem.

This gemstone is designed to enhance and prolong a charm effect that has already been placed on a humanoid. You don’t need to be a spellcaster to use the gem; all you need to do is force a person to look at the stone.

A player could use it to force an NPC into doing their bidding for longer, or an enemy could have a whole town of people working for them without free will.

Use the screenshot above, or add the magic item to your DnD Beyond Inventory.

Tell us how your campaign has used the stone!

Image by Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Acid Seaweed from the Feywilds

Acid Seaweed is a homebrew creation of mine, which attacked my unsuspecting players as they swam into the feywilds. If you think your players will enjoy being attacked by plantlife and want to use my creation in your campaign, click here to add it to your D&D Beyond profile. If you don’t use D&D Beyond, bookmark this page ready for your encounter instead, or you print off the stat sheet!

Backstory Around Acid Seaweed

Acid Seaweed is a carnivorous plant that eats whatever fleshy creature that swims into its path. Found in the feywilds, the blue foliage is dotted with pink spots which almost look like gems. These spots glisten in the water, enticing adventures down to the murky depths of the sea.

If water portals to the feywilds are left uncared for, the seaweed will start to spring to life in the overgrown waterways of caves, pond beds, and lake shallows. They are ready to digest anyone brave or stupid enough to walk into their path. 

Adventures must slash their way through the water grass if they want to visit the magical land of The Fey.

Ideas on How To Play The Acid Seaweed

I used this seaweed to cover a 100ft path which is only 5 ft wide. Looking at the “large” size of the seaweed, you may be wondering how I made the creature fit. Instead of assuming the large size meant the classic square shape, I opted for 4 5ft squares in a line instead.

Each 5ft path became a 34 hit point space so that the spaces matched the appropriate size. 

The only problem you may have now comes from opportunity attacks. I didn’t allow the plant to take opportunity attacks unless the players had walked past the 4th square. Large creatures are meant to take up a 4 square radius, so instead, having a 4 square line balanced out the encounter. 

When the players got to the 4th square, a surprise opportunity attack started, creating fear in my players and power in my plants!

Because the plant is attached to the water bed, it cannot move. You may want to create your own homebrew acid fish which lives in the seaweed. The creatures could work together to hunt prey and attack any adventures that try to escape!

How Did My Players React?

The 100ft tunnel held 5 Acid Seaweed beds, but unfortunately for me, the party was smart and took their time before entering into the water path.

First, the Circle of the Moon Druid cast Water Breathing, allowing the party of three to swim through the vast lake without worrying about drowning.

Next, the Swarmkeeper Ranger rolled a history check as plants were a favored enemy against her bees. With a high roll, she told the team that the plants were carnivorous and they should be cautious. 

Already preparing to protect his friends, the Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian took the lead in the 5ft wide tunnel. He funneled all the attacks onto himself while the rest of the party fought behind him. The Bear Totem Warrior is resistant to all damage when they rage, except psychic, so the party’s Barbarian was an impossible shield that my plants couldn’t break through!

Honestly, the party couldn’t have done better!

I created a monster that used all of their best talents, and everyone felt useful and valued in the attack against vegetation. 

If I wanted to make the plants more of a challenge, I would give them a walking speed to leap onto their opponents after they have grappled them, or I could have made the tunnel wider. Overall, I was happy with the outcome!


Like what you see, have homebrew ideas of your own, or want to add some suggestions? Talk to us in the comment section! We would love to know how you would expect an encounter with a bed of Acid Seaweed will go with your party!

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